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(YAP) is an after school art program for high school students that equips them with the tools to thrive in today’s creative economy. Through a combination of individual project-based learning and instruction from experienced artist mentors, teen artists develop their talents in a range of digital media and fine art practices, from animation and illustration to drawing, painting, and printmaking.


YAP is open Monday – Friday, 3 PM – 6 PM

We ask all participants to attend no fewer than 2 days a week unless you are participating in the photography class which meets every wednesday. YAP operates around the school year calendar. We divide our sessions into 2 semesters.

Fall/Winter (September – December). – Winter/Spring (January – June).


A desire to learn, a strong sense of personal responsibility, and a commitment to completing the program are a must. All skill levels accepted. No prior artistic training is necessary.


$30 per semester* to cover the cost of materials and supplies.*Young artists who are covered by Health Partners Plans will have the fee waived.

Classes & Tracks


The Youth Artist Program currently operates on a track system. A track is a personalized program developed for each student based on their skill level.

Each track can include the following programs

2D Elements – projects focus on drawing. We cover perspective, shading, anatomy, and medium applications. Much of the work is based on observation.

Independent projects – These are projects that give space for Youth to work on projects of their own choosing. These projects can include illustration (character art, comic books) painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil, and ink).

Printmaking – The Youth Artist Program began as a commercial arts training workshop. In that tradition, we continue to work in the art of printmaking. we have a focus on silk screen printing, but also create wood cuts and other forms of printmaking practices.

Workshops – Guest artists come and perform workshops and all youth artists are expected to participate. these are often scheduled in advance and are mandatory.


Photography – Wednesdays 4 pm – 6pm

Award-winning photographer and educator Tony Rocco guides you through the world of film photography.

3D printing & basic CAD – Thursdays 4 pm – 6 pm

CAD is software that is used for 3 dimensional modeling. Our class explores the basic approaches to CAD and different types of software for 3D printing.

For more information contact Daniel de Jesús at 215-423-6320 x2002 or at